The Symposium in two words


Throughout the ages, artists have always given due consideration to the reality of time. The art of painting is only one example. Is there anything slower—and more disconnected from elapsing time—than the use of a specific process to stop the world and to give it a different representation? Artists are captors of moving forces. Paradoxically, they are the ones who wish to suspend time and to keep it still in an artificial image, a sort of copy of the actual world in which we live. In art, time is a notion that endures; there are no shortcuts. Each gesture and each intervention are the results of choices occurring one after the other, in an order that is built upon time as a component. In art, time may be viewed as a place and as a space where manners of being, manners of doing and manners of creating can be deployed.

For the 32nd International Symposium of Contemporary Art of Baie-Saint-Paul we strive practices that deal with the concept of time in all possible ways. We invite artists whose works explore this issue to send in their applications in response to this call.

About Le Symposium

Did you know the Symposium has invited over 400 artists from 30 countries since its inception in 1982?